Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Cluck the Undercover Chicken

I love a good adventure! G. Eric Francis' book, "Cluck the Undercover Chicken," is no exception.

While the story starts a little slow with a lot of background information (most unnecessary to the plot), it quickly picks up steam in the second chapter. A fun, action-filled story, brimming with sarcasm and goofy puns, Cluck the Undercover Chicken is an entertaining read. The interaction between the narrator (the last human on earth) and Cluck, the main character, is snarky and laugh-out-loud funny. While some of the humor may go over a younger child’s head—fried chicken jokes and bird puns mostly—it’s still interesting enough to keep them entertained. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this wacky spy story!

Interested in reading this book yourself? You can buy it now at Amazon for only $2.99!


  1. G. Eric Francis are too kind...I am glad that you enjoyed the book!

    1. It was really fun... Can hardly wait for the second one! ;)