Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enduring the Wait

My face when I realize I have to wait.

Apparently, there’s a good bit of waiting that goes along with trying to publish (even self-publish) a book. I had no idea it would be like this: trying to be patient while anticipating a dream coming true. 

Right now, there’s the waiting for the illustrations to be completed.

Then, there will be the waiting for the first print(s) to come off the press and back to my hot little hands.

Then it will be waiting to meet with local bookstore owners. 

I’m sure there are other waiting things I haven’t even considered yet. 

I hate waiting. I don’t like lines, being on hold, the 15 minutes before my work day ends, the last three days before a vacation, or the yawning expanse of time while a jury deliberates (work related, I promise). 

I’m a do-er, not a bystander. I always get into the thick of things, not because the thick of things is necessary the best place to be, but at least I’m not waiting for things to be done on their own. I’m influencing them. Its why I do what I do for work, its why I always have half a dozen projects going on at once (so if one stalls up for some reason, I can jump to another during the waiting period without any break in the action), its why I love volunteering with kids (they don’t like waiting either), and its why I’m fairly certain I have ADD. 

Some people are good at this. They're so patient and cheerful about things taking FOR.EV.ER. I want to be more like that and less like a squirrel on crack when I'm expecting something. 

How do you stand it? No, really, I need some advice here. Please help me!


  1. I have to laugh because I was just saying this same thing!!!

    I'm finishing the last of my structural edits...before it goes of to the copy editor.

    ::sigh:: My mind has moved on and I'm itching to work on my next project. But I need to get this one out the door! So now I'm hurrying up and wait waiting!!!

  2. Gina, does it ever get any easier? This is my first book that I've ever tried to publish. Is it like this every time?!

  3. Amy, Keep Calm and Write! :o)

  4. Thanks A Long! I'm writing another book to temper the anticipation for this one! :)

  5. I'm in the same boat! Trying desperately not to irritate my illustrator & let him get on with doing what he does best! (I'm not sure I'm succeeding!!)

    And I'm blogging about it too. Maybe we should get our heads together to see what we can do to help each other out?

    Lorna x

  6. Lorna, I would love that! Can I follow your blog?

    1. Sorry, I'm on holiday & only just noticed your reply! That would be fab! My blog is (slightly less imaginative than yours!!) We should get our heads together as to how we can help each other out x

    2. I would truly enjoy that! Can we use the hangout function on Google+?

    3. Absolutely, Google+ is still a bit of a mystery to me, can you set it up?!

    4. I sent you a message through it... Its similar to a Facebook PM, I believe, but I'm unsure if you're notified in any way that I'm trying to chat with you.

  7. Hi Amy.
    Ah, THE WAITING GAME! *que dramatic music*
    No, the wait never gets any easier. I'm traditionally published and the longest I've waited will be 5 years for the release date to get here. I do have a few others under contract that are coming up on the 5 year mark and have not had an illustrator assigned yet. (but let me explain that one) These are in a series and the illustrator that did the first one has backed out of the rest. NOW the editor has been trying to find another illustrator who will be able to resemble the same illos b/c it is a concept series. *sigh*
    My opinion on what to do while you wait? WRITE! Work on something new. Work on marketing the book coming out. Do some housework. (mine is always neglected) Keep busy. But do work on other stories and keep your creative juices going.
    Happy writing!

    1. Tracey, that's so frustrating! I'm working on writing something else while I wait, and I'm willing to bet my husband would LOVE me to put some more effort into housework! But I'm curious; how do you market a book before it comes out?