Friday, April 4, 2014

Deadlines, expectations, and other things that can be thrown out windows

My illustrator emailed me last night, letting me know she has fallen behind, but plans to be done next week. I hope I was understanding and kind, because if you saw Wednesday’s post entitled, “Enduring the Wait,” you already know that I have the patience of a two year old that missed both nap time and lunch.

It happens. Deadlines aren’t always met. Neither are expectations. I mean, I expected that I wouldn’t sell my first book until it was illustrated and published, but, after telling a gentleman what I was trying to do, he prepaid for a signed copy of my book!

Guys, do you understand what I’m saying? I SOLD A COPY OF MY BOOK!!!
This has been the expression on my face since yesterday
If you’ve been there, you know the giddiness, the excitement, and the absolute delight/terror that comes with it. If you haven’t been there, hang on! Right now, I’m celebrating. Care to celebrate with me?

(Also, water balloons are other things that can be thrown out windows. And paper airplanes. And greetings to guests coming up the walkway.)


  1. At least your illustrator isn't Douglas Adams. I like what he said about deadlines... "I love deadlines, particularly the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." :)

    1. Ha! I'd forgotten that line, but it sure made me smile reading it now! :)