Saturday, April 12, 2014

Illustrator Woes: When do you throw in the towel on your illustrator?

Last Friday, the day that my illustrator was supposed to have my illustrations to me, emailed her. I’d heard nothing from her for two weeks. She apologized and asked for an extension to this week. Well, this week is almost over. I sent her an email last night. I’ve heard nothing.

I've mentioned this before: I hate waiting.
This guy doesn't mind waiting
Maybe she’ll surprise me and email me back, but I sincerely doubt it.

After a bit of an internal temper tantrum, I’ve decided to, in local lingo, “pull on my man-pants” and move on. I’ve listed my illustration needs on There seems to be quite a bit of talent concentrated there. Has anyone else used them?

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  1. Hi Amy, I have to say, two weeks really isn't long. I'm in the process of working with a fabulous artist & we've been passing pictures back and forth for weeks now. The pencil drawings have been done & now we're coming to the end of the line drawings. Next they'll be getting coloured in. Most of the delays have been caused by me asking for revisions of one sort or another. Why don't you ask to see what she's done so far, so that you can provide feedback? Self-publishing authors can be a bit of a nightmare to work with for illustrators (I include myself in this & I'm going to blog bout it when I get to that point) - high expectations, control freaks with the unhelpful addition of not knowing how to give the proper directions. Maybe ask her what you can do to help?